Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Two Jackets and a Stack of Fats

Yesterday turned out to be a perfect dyeing day, so I quick made a batch of dyes and did a stack of 70 fat quarters and about 45 scarves....more ironing!

This is our most popular jacket that we make. It's cotton canvas that gets softer with each washing. The style is a simple one that seems to fit most every body type. We get a kick out of how many ladies will wear them to the Somers Show each year to show us how they look, or how they embellished theirs. One woman took an embroidery machine to hers and made beautiful flowers on the "yoke" areas.

I made this one slightly longer for someone who might like more of a coat look. This fabric was dyed over the rack so you get a nice flow and blend of all the colors.


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