Friday, September 26, 2008

Dyed Ready-To-Wear

When Summer is over I like to look for some white linen or cotton tops that are severely reduced in price....I buy them one or two sizes larger (the process will usually shrink them a bit), and I dye them in favorite colors. Since they cost me less than $15 together I'm not afraid to take a chance on them. And they both came out great.

Well, I'm off to Buffalo tomorrow to close on our new cottage at the beach....very exciting new chapter in our lives. We're having some nasty weather on the East Coast, but I have to I'm hoping for at least a decent travel day. I haven't been at the beach in late September, so it will be a new experience in that respect too.

Monday, September 15, 2008


Nancy and I took the train in to the City on Saturday for the Atelier was held at the Doubletree Hotel in Midtown. We saw Doshi and her beautiful new collection of wearables...some new fabrics and designs.

From there we walked down past Bryant Park where they were dismantling the tents from Fashion Week (pic)...the Project Runway Show had been in there just the day before. Our next stop was M&J Trimming on 6th Ave and then Mood Fabrics on 37th. The weather was perfect and the City was crowded! We had a great time....then back on the LIRR.

This bag is from a pattern by The Sewing is the Daily News Bag. I used perforated ultrasuede, a commercial batik cotton lining and upholstery weight ultrasuede for the handle and binding.

Friday, September 12, 2008


I love carrying bags like this...but the fact that they are open leaves the possibility that things can fall out easier, or someone could reach in and grab something. So I made some accessories that would address each item I would carry.

This pouch is attached to a chain that is permanently attached to the inside bottom of the will hold things like chap stick, aspirin, mints, pen, etc.

This pouch has a clip that can be removed from the bag to take will hold money, cards and license, and that sort of thing.

Then of course I need a place for a couple pairs of glasses so I attached a pocket.

This clip will hold my keys so they can't fall out, and so I can always find them quickly. The last thing I need is somewhere to clip my phone so I can get to it quickly and so it also can't fall out. I need to place it wisely so the weight of the phone doesn't distort the shape of the bag...gotta think of these things!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

New Bag

A couple years I bought a box of scraps from Doshi...aren't they the most beautiful scraps! Nancy and I are going to NYC on Saturday to the Atelier show and I had the idea to make a bag to carry in that would be in keeping with the spirit of the show...just an excuse to play with some of the scraps. I had made the front panel piece a year ago so I built around to see it better.

The fabric is all silk/linen and is lined in the sews beautifully. I cut the lining piece and ironed on lightweight interfacing for some body...then built the outside on that with sew and turn....then quilted it to hold in place, and bound the edges.

Sunday, September 7, 2008


I'm having a wonderful week in Orlando....Logan is developing such a cute personality...can't stop kissing thise cheeks! We're planning his costume for Halloween (of course)....and I'll be back for the party next month :)

I'm going back home hurricane here this week, but Hanna did go up and dump a load of rain in New York never know!