Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Items for the auction

These are the items I made and donated for the chinese auction at our beach this Summer. We are making improvements to the playground and shed area of the beach, so we had a fair on Labor Day and raised some funds to help. There were over 100 baskets or items that could be was a big success.

These hotpads are made from a pattern in Quilting Arts easy and I love using these colors.

The bag above is a Lazy Girl was a big hit.

This "market" bag is a beautiful way to carry home the groceries....I'll stick to my Wegman's bags for that use!

This journal cover is strip-pieced with some of my favorite this green. I also donated a large tote bag....don't know why I don't have a was the most popular....I could have sold 10 of them.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Summer Recap

This summer flew right by...but we had a blast. I got the new cottage in good shape and then the family came for our big party in late July. Just about everyone was there...we are about 48 strong at full count. The family cottage had about 3o+ sleeping over and we had 8 in ours. The rest didn't spend the night. The weather could have been better....but we had a great time...we always do.

Logan got his first taste of Lake Erie....but it wasn't great swim weather, so sitting on the shore was about all.

The cottage is wonderful....I had a new floor put in to replace the old rugs. I put some quilts up on the walls and it was home.

And, of course, a swing for the front porch.

When I had any time this summer I tried to sew some small items...made a couple quilts from scraps, and made a few items for an auction at the beach fundraiser. I'll post those later.

We also spent a few days in St John, USVI at the wedding of the son of dear friends. WOW! We had a fabulous time....included was snorkeling, the wedding on a gorgeous beach, incredible food, a catamaran ride to Jost Van Dyke (BVI) to swim and visit Foxy's restaurant and The Soggy Dollar Bar. Great time with great friends!