Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Three Bags and Some Packs

Today was full of final preparations for the Show. I had to package things, make labels and price small task. These packs consist of 24 different pieces (5"x 6 1/2") of dyed and discharged cotton. The little rolls are the scraps left after cutting, and will be given to anyone who wears their jacket to the Show, or brings us pictures of something they made with our fabric. I make these scrap rolls everytime I cut up packs.
Another favorite obsession of mine is to make bags. I felt them, quilt them, make all different patterns. I put the finishing touches on three of them today, and they will also be going to the Show. This is a good sized bag, with many pockets around the outside.

This is some great decorator fabric....makes a fun bag.

And this is a tote that has nice long has batting and is quilted.

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