Sunday, December 14, 2008

Cute Little Bag #2

Tonight was the three hour Survivor I went to the sewing room to watch and started a new little bag. I love the way the zipper curves over the top of the bag....but I'm sure I'd like it if it went straight across too...and it would mean even less work....maybe the next one.

Although I really do like the look of these....hmmm. The two pieces of fabric were from a wall hanging I had done but never finished. I like it better in the bags.....I have one more piece so stay tuned.

Friday, December 12, 2008

Cute Little Bag

I was so tired tonight I figured I'd be in bed by 10 pm. But when Greta Van Sustern came on I was glued to the TV with the story she was covering. So I went upstairs to watch it (I can hear the TV better up there) and picked up this little bag I had cut out. It was a pattern featured in this months Quilting Arts magazine. I had ordered some of the rhinestone zippers needed to make I just started sewing.

It's a really cute little bag...and made up in about a half-hour. I see more of these in my future. I really do have sort of a bag fetish! They make great gifts so I have a good excuse :)

Sunday, December 7, 2008


I made my first trip to Las Vegas on Thanksgiving for 4 days. Some of my family members met me there and we had a blast. They are well-versed in "Vegas", so I had great tour guides. They gave me a celebration of my 60th birthday (was in Sept), because I never see them on that day. Love the glasses (HA)....thanks Teresa...I'll get you back!

This was the view from my room at the Mandalay Bay...the strip and the airport. Loved the hotel and the casino. By the time I was done I had probably seen and played a couple slots in 10-12 other casinos.

Friday night we went to "old downtown"...Fremont Street...loved the old feeling...and slots that take quarters! We rode trams and cabs and monorails, and walked ALOT....ate buffet and ESPN....and shopped great stores.

Saturday we went to Ceasar's Palace to see Bette Midler...FABULOUS!!!!...still Divine!

Thanks everyone...I had a great time!!!!!


Saturday, December 6, 2008

Logan...6 months.

I'm in Orlando for one last visit this year....Logan is now 6 months old...and what a personality!!!

They will spend Christmas in Lancaster, PA and come to Long Island the day after and stay till New Years....we can't wait.
What a wonderful 6 months it has been.

Monday, November 24, 2008

I'm getting there....

Well...My bathroom reno is done...just need the final touches of towel rack, tissue holder, mirror or medicine chest, window covering (?) and rugs. Then I need to paint the door...not a priority at this point. I just love having a bathroom that doesn't make me cringe everytime someone went to use it.

And when I got the call on Thursday that the mattresses were coming on Saturday I decided I had to paint the guest room on Friday. This is a small room, but with alot of clutter finally removed (everyone should have a dumpster for a week!) it makes a really cute guest room now. I still have to paint the mouldings...also not a priority at the moment. And I ordered a radiator cover so that area should look really nice in a few weeks.

I'm taking my time putting things on the wall.

I LOVE MY NEW WINDOWS! The old ones were so bad...and impossible to reach to the shades were always pulled at least half way. At the moment there are no shades and I find myself looking out them for minutes at a seeing the beautiful scenery for a first time. I'm on a hill, so the view is unique. Port Jefferson is in sort of a "bowl" and the trees in the distance form the western edge of that bowl.

Looking in the other direction (same window) is toward the North. Just over the right edge of the roof across the street is a "tiny" peek at Port Jeff Harbor...and in the distance, Connecticut.

Today I must get the bulk of my decorations up...

Happy Thanksgiving!


Monday, November 17, 2008

Liberty Shirt 2

I love this pattern, but I needed to make it a bit longer. So I added 2" to front and back and kept the sleeves the same. Then I decided to leave off the collar. The pattern is from Sewing Workshop...Liberty Shirt...same as the previous posting.

This is made, once again, with the linen/rayon from Dharma...hand-dyed with mx dyes.

Now the length works so much better for can be shirt or jacket, since I am always warmer than everyone else...I can put a tank underneath and take off the jacket if need be. But this fabric is all natural, so I rarely get warm in it.

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Liberty Shirt

I love The Sewing Workshop when I saw this new one I had to try it. I love how these patterns go together, and the designs are just a bit different, so the finished garment can go either way. This one is great...except that I will make it an inch or two longer next time.

I used my favorite fabric...the linen/rayon (from Dharma trading)... that I had dyed over the pole last summer. It sews and washes like a dream.

I asked Terry to take my picture this morning...that's always an experience :) You can also wear this as a jacket. If you click on the picture you may be able to see the really cute buttons that I bought from Priscilla Kibbee. She sells all kinds of buttons that she collects on her travels around the world. And finding the right buttons is the hardest part of the sewing process sometimes.

This is a picture of the pattern from The Sewing Workshop....all sizes in one envelope.

Monday, November 10, 2008

So much to do.....

I needed a break from all the renovation last night I made this tote matches two other items I've made recently...a baby quilt and a make-up bag. The fabric was from a kit to make a large quilt, and after I pieced much of it together I decided to make smaller things...didn't need a large quilt. I have two more kits of different of them may make the large quilt...we'll see.

I've been filling holes in I'll sand them and start painting. This is the upstairs bedroom, which will now have a double bed and be a REAL guest room. When we had the dumpster here for the window replacements we purged alot of stuff....whew! It's such a freeing experience.

Last week I painted the newly renovated half-bath upstairs....finally the pink plastic tile is a thing of the past.

We decided on neutrals since we expect to sell in the forseeable future.

I also began to get some Christmas decorations takes a while for me to get all my dec I'm going for it! The weather is great right I'll do lights outside...maybe. My new front storm door is coming today.

I bought one new Byers Caroler this year...the ornament seller...and look at his special ornament (click to see closer)...I actually added that :)


Sunday, October 26, 2008

Halloween Party 2008

The theme this year was the Great Pumpkin and the peanuts gang.
Here's little Logan as Woodstock...he was so good, and was very comfortable in the costume. Hmmmm! :)

Mom was Snoopy, in her handmade costume and was awesome.

Raggedy Ann...aka Donna was there too.

Dad made a great and all!

This group was straight from the Venture Brothers...a TV cartoon.

Julie chose to be a pack of PEANUT m&m's...very creative!

Quynh tried Chinese cuisine for the night.

And from Sarasota came Jon and Dana as Anthony and Cleopatra.

And from Japan...Toyoko and Yoko, who happened to be leaving on a Disney Cruise the next morning, came to the party for a couple hours, wearing shirts designed by Keri for NYC Disney store a couple years ago.
We had a great time...the house was decorated to the hilt...and the company is always the best!

Saturday, October 18, 2008


Well....where has the time gone ? I went to Buffalo to close on our new cottage....then came home and got to work on making a costume for Logan....there wasn't a pattern available so I had to improvise....I think it's close enough :) Keri's Halloween party has a Peanuts theme....she will be Snoopy, Mike will be Linus and Logan will be Woodstock !

We also had new windows put in upstairs...FINALLY!!!! They were so bad...I am thrilled that I can actually wash them inside and out now....after 23 years in this house.

We also decided to have the upstairs 1/2 bath gutted and re-done....nothing fancy....just had to get rid of the pink plastic tiles and rusted sink and ever-broken toilet.
I'm off to Orlando tomorrow to see the kids and help prepare for the party. I'll have pics of all those crazy Disney artists and their great costumes when I get back.

Friday, September 26, 2008

Dyed Ready-To-Wear

When Summer is over I like to look for some white linen or cotton tops that are severely reduced in price....I buy them one or two sizes larger (the process will usually shrink them a bit), and I dye them in favorite colors. Since they cost me less than $15 together I'm not afraid to take a chance on them. And they both came out great.

Well, I'm off to Buffalo tomorrow to close on our new cottage at the beach....very exciting new chapter in our lives. We're having some nasty weather on the East Coast, but I have to I'm hoping for at least a decent travel day. I haven't been at the beach in late September, so it will be a new experience in that respect too.

Monday, September 15, 2008


Nancy and I took the train in to the City on Saturday for the Atelier was held at the Doubletree Hotel in Midtown. We saw Doshi and her beautiful new collection of wearables...some new fabrics and designs.

From there we walked down past Bryant Park where they were dismantling the tents from Fashion Week (pic)...the Project Runway Show had been in there just the day before. Our next stop was M&J Trimming on 6th Ave and then Mood Fabrics on 37th. The weather was perfect and the City was crowded! We had a great time....then back on the LIRR.

This bag is from a pattern by The Sewing is the Daily News Bag. I used perforated ultrasuede, a commercial batik cotton lining and upholstery weight ultrasuede for the handle and binding.

Friday, September 12, 2008


I love carrying bags like this...but the fact that they are open leaves the possibility that things can fall out easier, or someone could reach in and grab something. So I made some accessories that would address each item I would carry.

This pouch is attached to a chain that is permanently attached to the inside bottom of the will hold things like chap stick, aspirin, mints, pen, etc.

This pouch has a clip that can be removed from the bag to take will hold money, cards and license, and that sort of thing.

Then of course I need a place for a couple pairs of glasses so I attached a pocket.

This clip will hold my keys so they can't fall out, and so I can always find them quickly. The last thing I need is somewhere to clip my phone so I can get to it quickly and so it also can't fall out. I need to place it wisely so the weight of the phone doesn't distort the shape of the bag...gotta think of these things!