Wednesday, December 26, 2007


Before this Christmas I knew nothing about the Wii entertainment system. Amy bought Keri one and gave it to her a couple days early...and we all played bowling and tennis and golf. What a blast this is!!! Here's Terry showing us his form :)

What Amy didn't know was that I had bought her on Christmas Eve she got hers...and we bowled some more. On Christmas Day Jeff found his game after a few frames.

And on Monday when I went to Target to get the girls a game for the Wii's...they were selling a new shipment of, since Terry had such fun (me too!!!) I bought one for him. Below is my son-in law Mike throwing another strike! It is so realistic and great exercise.

I hope to have other pictures soon...Amy has to send them to me....Keri looks and feels great...she napped a lot. They are now in Lancaster, PA with Mike's family.


Sunday, December 9, 2007

Our New Display Cabinet

I just love this new cabinet from Crate & Barrel...and the old armoire looks great in the bedroom. All of my collectibles have been switched and the decorating is done.

I made a couple stockings this year forMike (Keri's husband) and Jeff (Amy's boyfriend).....just because. We will all be together this year for Christmas....we ar very excited. Very exciting is the news that Terry and I are going to be first-time Grandparents in June...let the spoiling begin!!!!!

This cute little wreath is a gift from Toyoko and Yoko, our dear friends from Osaka, Japan. They are CRAZY Disney fans...that is where we met eight years ago, at a Disneyana Convention in Walt Disney World.

Putting in the larger cabinet made it necessary to move around the paintings. I now only have room for I told Amy she can finally have one. These were done by Keri for three Disneyana Conventions....based on their themes for the year. They held silent auctions for all the paintings (done by many artists each year) and the proceeds went to local charities.

Five words......I had to have them!
This is the one Amy wants...The Fox and the Hound.

This is Goofy's family from the theme year "Reunion". Goofy is Keri's favorite character of the fab five.

I can't remember the name of the movie this is from...cute, huh?!

Today it's cookies day....gotta be strong and not eat any though...I've lost 30 pounds and I intend to keep it off and lose more.