Monday, May 7, 2007

Somers Show II

My new favorite vendor at a you should visit if you see them at another venue, or are in Woodstock, NY....yes....Summer of '69 Woodstock (I was there, are you shocked?) The two owners are great guys and had fabu fabric.

This is Nancy's discharged black fabric that is always a big hit. And below are some of my dyed pieces on display. Most of these were sold.

The fat 1/4's above were discharged with either bleach pen or discharge paste through a screen. Below are the jackets.

I was so happy to see a couple quilts by new friend Diane Evans, and I knew she wasn't coming to the Show, so I took some pictures...they both had ribbons! Congratulations Diane! When I got back to the booth I read the catalog and realized there was another of her quilts, but I couldn't get back to get a picture. It was a beautiful quilt show. Sorry one picture is sideways...I forgot to tweak it in get the idea.

I've gotten numerous requests for dyeing, jackets, classes etc...I will decide all of these things in June when I finish work (real job)for the season.

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