Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Pattern Alert

I love this jacket is the Haiku Two from The Sewing Workshop. I made one in Size L a month ago and it went together like a dream. Then I cut out two at the same time in Size XS from my hand-dyed fabric. During construction I realized the pieces just wouldn't fit together. I tried everything...then I measured the actual pattern pieces and they were about an inch, at the seam I was trying to sew. I emailed Linda Lee at Sewing Workshop, and she (after a day) realized the size markings were backwards on one piece. See correction here...

She apologized profusely and offered to see what they could do if I wanted to send them the I sent them. We'll see...I hope she works it out...she is a pattern genius (IMHO).

These two pictures show the new new one (linen/cotton) I am working on size L (since I know that size works). It would be the XS, S, XL and XXL that would be most affected. I've told many people how much I love this pattern, so I wanted to send out this alert.
By the way...their website is a fun look...and she put one of my bags in her L2 Bag Gallery.


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