Monday, August 27, 2007

A Passing...James F. Murphy

My father-in-law passed away this last Saturday....we were all there and it was a blessing. I'm on my way back up to Rochester tomorrow for the wake and funeral. Everything else stops for now to honor this gentle, loving man....a husband, father, grandfather, great-grandfather and proud American soldier.


Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Onde Jacket

It feels good to be doing some sewing again....this is a new pattern from The Sewing Workshop and I love it. It is a very flattering silhouette. I will add buttons and buttonholes. The color is a bit off since it is a night picture. I couldn't wait until morning because I wasn't sure I would have time to post then. But you get the idea.


Saturday, August 18, 2007

Jersey Boys

Yesterday six of us took the train into NYC for a day of shopping (walking), dinner (then walking) and a Show (more walking to the train...oh my feet).....what a day...the weather was great, the dinner was wonderful....we ate at Il Cortile on Mulberry St. in Little Italy. There are more restaurants on this street than I have ever seen. We sat at Tony Sirico's table...they say he comes in alot...many of the Soprano actors have their special tables there. Terry loves the Sopranos, so that made for some fun conversation.

Then we took the Subway to 51st St. and walked to 52nd and Broadway to see the most amazing Broadway Show.

I laughed, I cried, I screamed and I SANG!!!!!! This show was fabulous....and our seats were front row center orchestra....WOW!!! It's nice to know people who know people. Every seat in the house is a good seat but this was such a surprise and just so much fun. Anyone who likes this music should make the effort to see this...hopefully it will run a long's a packed house every show. There's a lot about Frankie Valli I never knew....made it even more interesting.

Today I got back to cutting out jackets and making a new batch of dyes...hopefully the weather will cooperate and I can get some fabric and scarves dyed next week.


Thursday, August 16, 2007


In 1991 I was looking to earn a little spending money (stay-at-home-Mom) so I started babysitting Spenser...she was almost 18 months and a delightful little girl....seems like yesterday. Well, next week she is off to College at Albany State. She plays Lacrosse and soccer and is so well-rounded and level-headed....I think her college experience will be fabulous!

She is big sister to Chase, Sloane and Seaver....and first-born to Seth and Maureen. For those at the wedding, they were all dressed as pirates! We are all going to Gasho for lunch on Sunday and then to Dave & Buster's to play games...that is now our tradition!

Just a side-note...look who was the featured speaker at Spenser's graduation...Jesse L. Martin from Law & Order and Rent! He was started to pour and he just kept talking and joking....made it not so bad!

Anyway...good luck Spenser...we love you and will miss hard!


Thursday, August 9, 2007

On to the Beach!

This is my destination in the Buffalo area. It is actually south of Buffalo on Lake Erie on the Seneca Indian Reservation. My family built a summer cottage here in the late 60's. We rent the land and own the cottage. My two aunts and their families also have cottages...right across the road. In the top picture the area in the distance is Silver Creek, NY.

And this is our wonderful cottage. It has 8 bedrooms, a sleeping loft and many couches...and the best round table where we play cards and games most nights. Two years ago we added a great deck, which added even more space. I love this place.

This is Maddie wearing one of the dresses I dyed...she was the perfect size for the larger she got 2 or 3!

And this is Jane...perfect smaller size model....she got a couple too...along with Ella, whom I didn't get a picture of in a dress.

Every year we try to get as many group pictures as possible...we rarely have every family member...but we get who we can. This is my Mom, my three brothers, three sisters-in-law, and my sister (in other orange shirt, on the left).

And these are the kids and their kids! And there's 7 missing! We do have a great time when we're all together. I miss them as soon as I leave, and am so grateful that we do this every summer.

Yes...that's my sister and me in a kayak! On a whim...(didn't even have a suit on)...we jumped in the kayak and off we went...what a blast. I will definitely do more of that next year. At the same time, my husband was water skiing (after 20...30 years???). He did great and stayed up till he could ski no more!

And most nights this is the bonus...sitting on the beach and seeing this. A little piece of heaven...Snyder Beach.


Saturday, August 4, 2007

Summer Vacation 2

This is Carol Taylor showing one of her quilts at the Show & Tell group....her work makes my heart sing! She invited Marcia and me to her studio after the meeting. YIPPEE!!!
There was COLOR everywhere :) I must have gasped a hundred times. I SO admire art quilters....and I count a bunch of them as friends...I'm so drawn to them and their innovative ideas.

Carol's studio is amazing...the way she displays her quilts is these racks.

There are so many quilts hanging here...I wanted to see them all. But I also needed time to look through her threads and decorative yarns. Then we went to the basement...

This is where Carol has all her dye stuffs....and a very cool dye table...and more quilts!

I love the way this quilt person the bottom looked almost black...this is my favorite (if I HAD to pick one).

And then there is the fabric...there are probably five more shelves just like this....MmMm! Thank you Carol for a wonderful visit. And thanks to Marcia for a great time.

Thursday, August 2, 2007

What I Did on my Summer Vacation :)

On the Wednesday morning that I left Port Jefferson for Upstate NY, I drove onto the Ferry (which is 5 blocks from my house) and rode over to Bridgeport, I didn't have to deal with NYC traffic at a.m. rushhour. It makes my trip so much more enjoyable. That's Port Jeff Harbor in the top picture.

My first stop was Marcia DeCamps house in Palmyra to visit and maybe sell some fabric and jackets. I went to her show & tell group meeting and watched as one-by-one the beautiful work of the members was displayed. After the meeting I was invited to Carol Taylor's house to see her studio....WOW! Pictures tomorrow. Back to Marcia's. Above is some of her work done in a Nancy Crow workshop....Marcia is a veteran of NC classes.

Now...I have some fabric....but Marcia has MUCHO FABRIC!!!! And did you ever see such a neat display of fabric? I was salivating!! And the stories behind the acquisition of some of the fabrics was fun to hear.

Marcia and her wonderful husband Bill have the coolest house and grounds I have ever seen. They are both so creative and have some very unique ideas...fascinating to walk the grounds. And the is a dream...I can't wait to go back and see it completed and hang out and do some work in it. That's it on the left. And I got to spend some time with Priscilla Kibbee, and bought some fabu buttons from Turkey and other places where she has traveled. All in all a great beginning to my summer trip.

I hope you can see this tree up close...very cool. My daughter who got married on Halloween would absolutely love to decorate this for October 31st!