Monday, May 28, 2007

Memorial Day

I'm a little addicted to these!

I am especially pleased with the yardage I dyed yesterday. The blue is raw silk, the rest are linen/rayon. I always pre-wash my fabrics...even PFD, just to be sure. This linen/rayon generates a LOT of lint in the dryer, so I wash it 2 or 3 times . But yesterday I decided to just dye it without pre-wash (red piece), and it took the dye great and didn't make as much lint in the dryer. I will do it this way from now on.
Someone asked why I like this fabric so drapes beautifully, and doesn't wrinkle up like most linens and linen blends. For those of us with curves in not-so-desirable places, it can be frustrating to find tops that will skim over the body and not get caught up on the curves...and this fabric wrinkling at the butt that you can't smooth know what I mean if you wear any linen! I tend to get warm very easily, but I don't in the tops I've made from this fabric. And it sews, washes and dries beautifully. It is from Dharma.


EileenKNY said...

Does the rayon dye up the same as the cotton? Your colors are beautiful, so deep.
Heading out today for my class with Esterita.

Mrs. Mel said...

Well you got my attention! I have a bolt of this linen/rayon from Dharma and am in a dyeing and clothes sewing mode.

Priscilla Kibbee said...

These colors are wonderful. Great job.