Tuesday, September 13, 2016

I'm Retired!!! And I hope to get into the sewing room more often!

I have so many projects in my mind and will hopefully get to some of them even while getting my house ready to sell in the Spring.  The first room I packed up and downsized was the sewing room, so that will be a challenge.  But I have enough to keep me busy for a while.

I wanted to do a large piece of foiled fabric to possibly be made into a jacket. The piece is about 60x100. Click on pics to see larger.

I LOVE FOIL!!! Thank you Jane Dunnewold for introducing me to this a number of years ago.  She made a piece of fabric like this that I was lucky enough to purchase.  Ever since, I've wanted to make one myself.  The process is fascinating and sooooo exciting!

This piece was done with Wonder Under.  The foil is available in solid colors....getting the patterned results is the magic!  Thanks Jane.

Take a class with her....she is magic too!

I'm not positive what the fabric is...it may be a rayon blend.  It drapes beautifully and doesn't wrinkle much.  I really should start marking all my purchases.
The slight nap on this fabric also made for interesting results....can't wait to do more, and learn more.

LOVE this turquoise piece.