Monday, September 24, 2007


It's not that I haven't been busy....I have decided to get some things done to and around the's time (overdue). First, though....this was the chore yesterday...our friend Spenser asked for some of her favorite chocolate chips. She is off to College I sent them off to her today. We live in an older home, built in 1935, and there is always something that needs to be done. The picture below is me-unable-to-make-a-decision! It's been two years since I ripped the wall paper off...I finally bought samples of a few paints, put them on the wall and was able to decide on the khaki green (Ralph Lauren) that is closest to the lamp. My tastes are changing...and I think an idea to death.
We had all new windows put in a year ago....still haven't painted them (except one where I had to put an in-window air conditioner. It's time...10 big windows......

We also had to totally renovate the one full bathroom we have...a couple years ago. What a trick that was. I love the results...but a couple of the things the carpenter did left me wondering. I wanted a floor-to-ceiling item deep so I could see and easily reach things. I love the cabinet but the way he built it left the opening that you can see....more tedious finishing for's time....
A number of years ago we had a bad leak in the small bedroom on the main floor....couldn't find the cause. So our friend (a builder) cut a hole in the ceiling to see if he could figure it out. Finally we concluded it was the bathroom vent on the roof. Sure enough....a $4.00 cap and no more problem...except the ceiling and wall pictured in the next two pictures. So we are finally going to rip all the wallboard and ceiling down and re-do the's time....

Also when the bathroom was done they replaced the door and the moulding....but it wasn't quite wide enough to meet the wall paper...aaaggghhh!!! All these things we've been putting off...but retirement time is creeping up on us and we will sell and we need to get busy.

One of the biggest problems with this old house is that they used cheap beaverboard (like cardboard) on the walls. It won't take any abuse, and cracks with settling, weather and dampness etc. Every corner has cracks like the one below....wallpaper doesn't cover it, it just rips the wallpaper. So we need to address that too.
So that is what I am up to at the up the house, shaping up myself (weight watchers and walking) and fixing up all the things we've put off for so long.
And in three weeks I'm going to Colombus for Jan Myers-Newbury's class at the Crow I'm packing for that.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Last Days Of Dyeing

This week the temperature will be in the 70's, so I will have a chance to get some more fabric done...but the days are few. I have to work next week so I won't be able to count on those days. These three pieces of linen/rayon will go on the pile of winter projects. I'll be going to the Houston Quilt Show in November, so I want a couple new jackets to wear there...and this fabric is a good weight for that.

Since I loved dyeing the girls dresses this Spring, I decided to try some adult sizes for next Summer. They'll be perfect over a bathing suit or just as a sundress.

For those of you who like wearable art, my friend Priscilla Kibbee is teaching a 3-day jacket class this week in the brand-new DeCamp Studio in Palmyra, NY. I thought you might like to see some pics....most of the students are incorporating the beautiful pieces Priscilla brings back from her exotic travels to places like Panama, Nepal, India, Guatamala etc. Take a look.


Saturday, September 8, 2007

What A Night!!!

The weather was perfect, the crowd of a couple thousand or more was excited and Johnny Maestro and the Brooklyn Bridge were fabulous!!! It was an un-plugged sort of concert...they sang for an hour and a half, answered questions and took requests. We were standing on the deck of the restaurant right next to them...singing, dancing and having a blast.

They had a couple guests come up and sing...I didn't catch the names, but he said they were legends in doo-wop....they were great. One woman came right up in front of them and danced a whole song...inhibitions checked at the door evidently. We requested"Welcome Me love".....what a throwback to the late sixties early Monte Carlo in Niagara Falls....Oh, I do digress!
Once again my little Village puts on a wonderful event....what a great place to live.

Friday, September 7, 2007

Some Final Dyeing Days

The weather here this week is fabulous...and conducive to some fabric dyeing. I want to have a stash for the I will do as much as possible these next two weeks. Above are two pieces of the linen-rayon. I was hoping the piece on the right would be darker in the black areas, since I wear a lot of black and want to make some tops and jackets, but it looks good next to my black pants, so it's a go.

This is one of the $5 Hot Cotton shirts I got on ebay from Loehmanns in a closeout. They dye beautifully (after a synthrapol wash to remove any residue).

This weekend the Village is having an American Music Festival....25 bands, playing all kinds of music, over 3 days in different venues around downtown. Since I live down in the Village, we will be hearing the music all weekend. We will go to see some....tonight is Johnny Maestro and the Brooklyn of my favorite groups when I was in College....our friends and we will be singing up a storm. And it looks like the weather will be wonderful....even if a bit brisk after dark, I dare say the wine and singing will keep us warm. :)


Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Red Sausalito Tunic

I'm glad to be back to my sewing this week....I had this tunic cut out a couple weeks ago, so I picked it up to sew it last night. The front is cut on the bias, and therefore drapes beautifully. This pattern is from The Sewing Workshop, and shows unlined and lined versions. Mine is made from raw silk that I dyed over the rack...this fabric is a dream to sew.

The back is cut on the straight of the grain...I may try another version (which is in my head, not in the pattern) with a slightly longer back to suit my fitting needs.

And the sleeves can be left full length or tacked up into a cuff...which looks really cute. My only issue with the pattern is how they finished the front neckline. Since the inside hem shows when it drapes, I want it totally finished...they say serge the edge and then fold over and you would see the serged edge. That doesn't work for I folded it over twice and top-stitched.
PS...Nancy just reminded me that The Sewing Workshop doesn't carry this anymore...we bought it from another website ( Top.