Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Potpourri II

I forgot to include this bag in my felted bags the other day....and it is my favorite. It is tote bag size and I made the handles extra thick to be very strong.
This linen/rayon from Dharma that I dyed on Sunday will be my next two shirts...the red/amethyst/multi-other-colors is so beautiful in person. This is a new batch of the fabric that I just ordered, and it is great. I always pre-wash my fabrics, even if they are PFD. This fabric creates a bunch of lint in the dryer, so I like to get that out in a couple washings and dryings before I dye it....works for me.
And this will be my next L2 bag (Sewing Workshop)...it is dyed cotton canvas that I discharged with the Clorox bleach pen. I will start that tonight during Idol and Dancing. I got some webbing for the handles, so I'm anxious to try it.

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