Thursday, August 28, 2008

WOW...that was fast!

With Melody's gracious help I have sent all 5 quilts to new homes and admirers. Enjoy them!

Now I have the second bunch.

#1 MIGRATION # Caryl Bryer Fallert. 2000 22" x 18 This piece is awesome and I will miss it....but I know there is someone (probably many someones) out there who would love to have it and has the space to display it beautifully. SOLD

#2 COPING #VIII 1997 by Erika Carter 23" x 24" A beautiful art quilt.

#3 LADY by Dawn Rappold 25.5 x 26.5" 1985 Beautifully hand-appliqued and hand-quilted

#4 POTPOURRI by Gabrielle Swain 1996 Gorgeous! hand-appliqued and hand-quilted. SOLD

Detail of Potpourri

#5 CONEFLOWERS by Ellen Anne Eddy 1998 13" x 16.25". Wonderful threadwork on this.

#6 LUNA by Ellen Anne Eddy 1998 13' x 14" More wonderful threadwork.

#7 CHAIR MAIL by Laura Wasilowski 1997 10.5" x 12.75" Laura is a master at what she does...this is a really cute and fun piece.

Click on the pics to get a better look. And email me if interested.


Tuesday, August 26, 2008


Over many years I have accumulated some wonderful quilted pieces from my favorite artists. I have decided to now let a bunch of them go to new homes to be enjoyed by other admirers. I will keep some and the rest will go on ebay in the next couple weeks. I am posting pictures today of the first bunch, all from Melody Johnson (with her blessing), here on the blog. If something strikes your fancy, email me and we will talk about it. They will be a fraction of the original cost...and they are all in great condition. Click on pictures for a better look.

#1 ABACUS 9.75" x 12.75" fused & beaded...can be slipped over a plexi frame to stand, or can hang on wall... SOLD

#2 JUNE BLOOMS 11" x 14" fused and embroidered SOLD

#3 WINDOW 21" x 9" fused and quilted SOLD

#4 SAMPLER 12.25" x 8.5" pieced and quilted with a sampler of stitches and decorative threads SOLD

#5 NINEPATCH PIAZZA 25" x 27" This is a beauty...I remember Melody telling a story about seeing a pattern on the ground at QBL one year and interpreting it in this quilt in 1997. Fused. SOLD


Tuesday, August 19, 2008

More Fabric Dyeing

I've only managed to get a few pieces of fabric dyed...this silk/linen was done over the rack. I'm working on making a shirt from the last piece I did....not the easiest fabric to sew on...but not bad. That's what's been keeping me busy the last few nights while cheering on our athletes.

Time to wash windows...ugh...I am not the happy homemaker....housework stinks.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Itchin' to Sew

I cut out a bunch of bags yesterday and made this one last night while watching the Olympics again. This is fabric designed by Amy Butler and sold commercially. This is the heavier-weight home-dec's so nice to work with and makes a substantial bag.

Monday, August 11, 2008

More Summer 2008

Well....this summer included, unfortunately, a couple falls for members of my family. My Mom fell off the stairs on the deck at the cottage and bruised her head...she is recovering nicely...what a scare that was...and 5 days in the hospital. A couple weeks later I get a call from my daughter...she fell with Logan and the dog gate hit his face....airlifted....catscan... stitches ....questions....he's doing great...we were all a mess. I have since learned that everyone I talk to has a story.......

The last couple days of my trip were spent with my friend Marcia at her beautiful studio and home, and a class of seven others where they were making wonderful jackets. This is one of the teacher's (Priscilla Kibbee) samples that I loved.

While watching the Olympics last night I had the urge to make a bag from a favorite old pattern....couldn't find the pattern so I called Nancy who found hers and measured it for me so I could make a pattern on graph paper. This is made from old bark cloth and a new lining.

I also had a chance to dye a couple pieces of silk/linen gauze. I used procion MX dyes and I'm quite happy with the pieces.

This is just eye shirts made by Doshi...she dyes the fabric and it's spectacular.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

I'm Back!!!!

Well...where did the last three months go? I've been to Orlando three times to see my little grandson, Logan....can't get enough of him!

And I've been to my beloved cottage on Lake Erie...this is the view from our beach every night....not always so spectacular, but part of the experience.

And as I walked on the beach almost every morning for my exercize....I bent to pick up as much beach glass as be saved for a future project. :)
A number of years ago, Terry and I decided to put our name on the list for a cottage at the beach. Well....we were given the opportunity to look at one this year and loved

This will be our future cottage....we plan to spend alot of time there in years to come...especially once we hit retirement....this will be our 6 month summer home.
More about my trips to come in next post.