Saturday, May 26, 2007

Memorial Day Weekend

A holiday weekend (especially with great weather) in my Village means more cars and people than I care to deal I get my errands done early and get home....and stay there, if at all possible. This picture was taken while I was at the Drive-Up window of the Bank (I used to work here, before the Tax Receiver's Office called me) and I looked out at this beautiful view every day. That is Port Jefferson Harbor, which leads to Long Island Sound.

And every hour, at this time of year, the Ferry from Bridgeport comes in with loads of people and cars. They aren't ALL coming to Port Jeff, but they all must pass through...traffic can be horrendous. And, of course, all the cars and people traveling TO Bridgeport every hour must come through the Village too. I love the Ferry...I take it all the time to avoid traveling through NYC to get upstate or to New England. So we must grin and bear it here.

I'm going to spend my day cleaning windows, vacuuming the pool, and making a new batch of dyes to use tomorrow and Monday....stay tuned.


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