Sunday, July 11, 2010

Finished Quilts

Something made me just sit down at my machine yesterday and put the binding on my last two quilts....and now they are done! So I'm free to start pieceing some more quilts...but this time I'm going larger....bed size.

I really want to have quilts on the cottage beds next year....I thought I'd have them done this year....didn't I'll start now!

I'm running out of the bias binding that Nancy and I had made from our dyed fabric....we need to find another place that will do it for adds a very special touch to the quilts.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Another Vintage Fabric Bag

This is another of the bags I had cut out and ready to while watching SYTYCD last night I sewed. The blue is bark cloth and the pink is a lighter-weight twill-type fabric.

I put a pocket in this one. I have one more bag cut....but I want to bind my two quilts first....we'll see what wins.

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Batik Play Day is the result of my fabric from Batik play day. I LOVE the colors and the batik designs. And the process was fairly easy.

We melted soy wax in an electric skillet and preceeded to apply it to previously-dyed fabric using different techniques. Then I placed them all in a red dye bath and laid them out in the sun. WRONG!!!!!!

The wax remelted and left a slightly grease shadow aroung all the designs. I had to boil the fabric twice and was still left with not-so-perfect fabric. But it's usable (most of it) and lesson learned.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Jane Sassaman....quilted.

I'm back on Long Island and had a nice package to open on my arrival. My Jane Sassaman fabric quilt was back from the quilter, and Eileen at Designing Quilts did a great job once again.

This fabric was bought already cut into tumbler blocks from The Quilt Shop in Danbury, CT. I love having pre-cut projects that I can pick up without much thought and just start piecing together....with great results!

The backing is a P&B dot.