Monday, May 7, 2007

Somers Show

This was our booth at the show....we were in a hallway (show is in a High School), and have been in the same spot since we started vending there.

Here is Nancy's table of hand-dyed yardage....lots of graphics...they are a favorite with the quilters. Graphics are black & white prints (checkerboard, stripes etc.) that we dye with multiple colors.
This rack holds our dyed silk yardage...also canvas and linen.

We had a number of ladies come to the show in their jackets, so I took pictures of a few.

See the embroidery done on this one...on the lilypad....

is a little frog! So it.

This jacket photographed light...but is one of the blackest jackets we've done....and she loves it!

We had a good show....worth all the work. And I will have more pictures tomorrow...including a couple quilts by a new friend I spent a week in class with in Greenville in March. I started back to work today so I'm beat...have to feed hubby.

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