Saturday, June 2, 2007

Too Darn Hot!

Today is hazy, hot and humid on Long I got up early to do some dyeing before the sun was in view. I DO NOT work well in the 3H's. My idea was to use up all the dyes I had made last week. First up was a piece of silk organza. I hung it over the rack and drizzled colors down the length. While it was wet from the dye activator soaking it grabbed the dye great in this position. It dried quickly though, so I took it down and laid it on plastic tarp and soaked it with golden yellow and made sure there were no white areas left. It is beautiful. I'll photograph it again when it is finished.
Then I did a piece of silk noil. There are so many colors in this will make a great jacket or blouse. Since I drip the colors down these pieces, I can put colors together that I couldn't if dyeing another way. And those that do mix from being next to each other make (usually) beautiful colors (many shades of brown sometimes) that I couldn't get otherwise. This piece has chartreuse and deep purple and amethyst and mustard and golden yellow and a few more.

And last is another piece of the linen/rayon. I'm going to build up a supply so whenever the mood strikes I can cut something out and start sewing.
Tax season is over (YEA!!!) and I have one more week of work...have to put through all those mail payments....then I can play full time.


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