Thursday, June 14, 2007

Jacket Story

I wanted to make a jacket for my sister Teresa...she lives in AZ, but I think this linen blend fabric would be ok on the cooler days. This piece of linen said "Southwest" to me so I chose it for the jacket. The strip of turquoise is richer in person and I had to work it in to a predominant place. This is a Vogue pattern (7914) that doesn't require setting in was very easy to put together. I edited a had a longer back...I cut it straight across.

I made a size 8, but it may be a bit too big for her...but it is meant to be looser...I have to wait till July when I see her to find out. Meanwhile I have to decide on buttons. This is the hardest part of any garment construction for is such an art to pick the right buttons. I've made wrong decisions so many times I don't always trust my decisions. I think I need to spend some time online and see what's available....because the stores out this way have very little in the way of great buttons....and I don't know when I'll get in to NYC next.

This last picture just shows how the side/sleeve piece is done so all there is is a straight seam. The collar is a little tricky, but the rest of the jacket is easy.


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