Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Ode to Mel & Laura

When I belonged to the local Quilt Guild, I was Program Chairperson for many years...a job I LOVED! I met some amazing teachers, and I call some of them friends today. Melody Johnson and Laura Wasilowski came together to teach classes one year. And, nasty weather aside, we had a blast and all learned alot about the Chicago School of Fusing and it's faculty :)

I bought Laura's jacket pattern, Mel's fabric and dyed threads....and with my new-found knowledge of fusing, dared to cut up the fabric and cut out the pattern. Is this not a gorgeous piece of fabric....they are masters at what they do...I have aspired to that level since I met them many years ago in Paducah.

I haven't finished the jacket yet...when I had to give up my sewing room for a bedroom for a couple years, I lost track of a lot of things. Now I'm ready to complete it.

I'm wondering if I should do more top-stitching. I guess I can decide that after it's done, since I sewed right through the lining. I put a silky lining in so it would not cling to the body.

So, thank you Mel and Laura for all the inspiration, knowledge, fabric and friendship.



Priscilla Kibbee said...

I just love these. They're my colors. I can't tell you how many yards i have in similar combinations just waiting for inspiration.

Mrs. Mel said...

Wow Great to see this fabric being used. I must dye some more
i am typing this comment in my rubber glorves/.

Sonji Hunt said...

This is a GORGEOUS jacket. Wowza!