Saturday, October 18, 2008


Well....where has the time gone ? I went to Buffalo to close on our new cottage....then came home and got to work on making a costume for Logan....there wasn't a pattern available so I had to improvise....I think it's close enough :) Keri's Halloween party has a Peanuts theme....she will be Snoopy, Mike will be Linus and Logan will be Woodstock !

We also had new windows put in upstairs...FINALLY!!!! They were so bad...I am thrilled that I can actually wash them inside and out now....after 23 years in this house.

We also decided to have the upstairs 1/2 bath gutted and re-done....nothing fancy....just had to get rid of the pink plastic tiles and rusted sink and ever-broken toilet.
I'm off to Orlando tomorrow to see the kids and help prepare for the party. I'll have pics of all those crazy Disney artists and their great costumes when I get back.

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