Monday, November 24, 2008

I'm getting there....

Well...My bathroom reno is done...just need the final touches of towel rack, tissue holder, mirror or medicine chest, window covering (?) and rugs. Then I need to paint the door...not a priority at this point. I just love having a bathroom that doesn't make me cringe everytime someone went to use it.

And when I got the call on Thursday that the mattresses were coming on Saturday I decided I had to paint the guest room on Friday. This is a small room, but with alot of clutter finally removed (everyone should have a dumpster for a week!) it makes a really cute guest room now. I still have to paint the mouldings...also not a priority at the moment. And I ordered a radiator cover so that area should look really nice in a few weeks.

I'm taking my time putting things on the wall.

I LOVE MY NEW WINDOWS! The old ones were so bad...and impossible to reach to the shades were always pulled at least half way. At the moment there are no shades and I find myself looking out them for minutes at a seeing the beautiful scenery for a first time. I'm on a hill, so the view is unique. Port Jefferson is in sort of a "bowl" and the trees in the distance form the western edge of that bowl.

Looking in the other direction (same window) is toward the North. Just over the right edge of the roof across the street is a "tiny" peek at Port Jeff Harbor...and in the distance, Connecticut.

Today I must get the bulk of my decorations up...

Happy Thanksgiving!


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