Friday, September 12, 2008


I love carrying bags like this...but the fact that they are open leaves the possibility that things can fall out easier, or someone could reach in and grab something. So I made some accessories that would address each item I would carry.

This pouch is attached to a chain that is permanently attached to the inside bottom of the will hold things like chap stick, aspirin, mints, pen, etc.

This pouch has a clip that can be removed from the bag to take will hold money, cards and license, and that sort of thing.

Then of course I need a place for a couple pairs of glasses so I attached a pocket.

This clip will hold my keys so they can't fall out, and so I can always find them quickly. The last thing I need is somewhere to clip my phone so I can get to it quickly and so it also can't fall out. I need to place it wisely so the weight of the phone doesn't distort the shape of the bag...gotta think of these things!

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