Saturday, September 8, 2007

What A Night!!!

The weather was perfect, the crowd of a couple thousand or more was excited and Johnny Maestro and the Brooklyn Bridge were fabulous!!! It was an un-plugged sort of concert...they sang for an hour and a half, answered questions and took requests. We were standing on the deck of the restaurant right next to them...singing, dancing and having a blast.

They had a couple guests come up and sing...I didn't catch the names, but he said they were legends in doo-wop....they were great. One woman came right up in front of them and danced a whole song...inhibitions checked at the door evidently. We requested"Welcome Me love".....what a throwback to the late sixties early Monte Carlo in Niagara Falls....Oh, I do digress!
Once again my little Village puts on a wonderful event....what a great place to live.

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