Friday, September 7, 2007

Some Final Dyeing Days

The weather here this week is fabulous...and conducive to some fabric dyeing. I want to have a stash for the I will do as much as possible these next two weeks. Above are two pieces of the linen-rayon. I was hoping the piece on the right would be darker in the black areas, since I wear a lot of black and want to make some tops and jackets, but it looks good next to my black pants, so it's a go.

This is one of the $5 Hot Cotton shirts I got on ebay from Loehmanns in a closeout. They dye beautifully (after a synthrapol wash to remove any residue).

This weekend the Village is having an American Music Festival....25 bands, playing all kinds of music, over 3 days in different venues around downtown. Since I live down in the Village, we will be hearing the music all weekend. We will go to see some....tonight is Johnny Maestro and the Brooklyn of my favorite groups when I was in College....our friends and we will be singing up a storm. And it looks like the weather will be wonderful....even if a bit brisk after dark, I dare say the wine and singing will keep us warm. :)


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