Thursday, August 2, 2007

What I Did on my Summer Vacation :)

On the Wednesday morning that I left Port Jefferson for Upstate NY, I drove onto the Ferry (which is 5 blocks from my house) and rode over to Bridgeport, I didn't have to deal with NYC traffic at a.m. rushhour. It makes my trip so much more enjoyable. That's Port Jeff Harbor in the top picture.

My first stop was Marcia DeCamps house in Palmyra to visit and maybe sell some fabric and jackets. I went to her show & tell group meeting and watched as one-by-one the beautiful work of the members was displayed. After the meeting I was invited to Carol Taylor's house to see her studio....WOW! Pictures tomorrow. Back to Marcia's. Above is some of her work done in a Nancy Crow workshop....Marcia is a veteran of NC classes.

Now...I have some fabric....but Marcia has MUCHO FABRIC!!!! And did you ever see such a neat display of fabric? I was salivating!! And the stories behind the acquisition of some of the fabrics was fun to hear.

Marcia and her wonderful husband Bill have the coolest house and grounds I have ever seen. They are both so creative and have some very unique ideas...fascinating to walk the grounds. And the is a dream...I can't wait to go back and see it completed and hang out and do some work in it. That's it on the left. And I got to spend some time with Priscilla Kibbee, and bought some fabu buttons from Turkey and other places where she has traveled. All in all a great beginning to my summer trip.

I hope you can see this tree up close...very cool. My daughter who got married on Halloween would absolutely love to decorate this for October 31st!

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