Saturday, August 4, 2007

Summer Vacation 2

This is Carol Taylor showing one of her quilts at the Show & Tell group....her work makes my heart sing! She invited Marcia and me to her studio after the meeting. YIPPEE!!!
There was COLOR everywhere :) I must have gasped a hundred times. I SO admire art quilters....and I count a bunch of them as friends...I'm so drawn to them and their innovative ideas.

Carol's studio is amazing...the way she displays her quilts is these racks.

There are so many quilts hanging here...I wanted to see them all. But I also needed time to look through her threads and decorative yarns. Then we went to the basement...

This is where Carol has all her dye stuffs....and a very cool dye table...and more quilts!

I love the way this quilt person the bottom looked almost black...this is my favorite (if I HAD to pick one).

And then there is the fabric...there are probably five more shelves just like this....MmMm! Thank you Carol for a wonderful visit. And thanks to Marcia for a great time.

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Nancy said...

Yikes....what eye candy...Love her work, Nancy