Thursday, August 9, 2007

On to the Beach!

This is my destination in the Buffalo area. It is actually south of Buffalo on Lake Erie on the Seneca Indian Reservation. My family built a summer cottage here in the late 60's. We rent the land and own the cottage. My two aunts and their families also have cottages...right across the road. In the top picture the area in the distance is Silver Creek, NY.

And this is our wonderful cottage. It has 8 bedrooms, a sleeping loft and many couches...and the best round table where we play cards and games most nights. Two years ago we added a great deck, which added even more space. I love this place.

This is Maddie wearing one of the dresses I dyed...she was the perfect size for the larger she got 2 or 3!

And this is Jane...perfect smaller size model....she got a couple too...along with Ella, whom I didn't get a picture of in a dress.

Every year we try to get as many group pictures as possible...we rarely have every family member...but we get who we can. This is my Mom, my three brothers, three sisters-in-law, and my sister (in other orange shirt, on the left).

And these are the kids and their kids! And there's 7 missing! We do have a great time when we're all together. I miss them as soon as I leave, and am so grateful that we do this every summer.

Yes...that's my sister and me in a kayak! On a whim...(didn't even have a suit on)...we jumped in the kayak and off we went...what a blast. I will definitely do more of that next year. At the same time, my husband was water skiing (after 20...30 years???). He did great and stayed up till he could ski no more!

And most nights this is the bonus...sitting on the beach and seeing this. A little piece of heaven...Snyder Beach.



Priscilla Kibbee said...

It looks like you had a really wonderful summer.

Candace Salima (LDS Nora Roberts) said...

The girls look wonderful and it looks like you had a blast! They look ADORABLE in those tie dresses.

Found you via a like interest in Gary Morris.