Thursday, August 16, 2007


In 1991 I was looking to earn a little spending money (stay-at-home-Mom) so I started babysitting Spenser...she was almost 18 months and a delightful little girl....seems like yesterday. Well, next week she is off to College at Albany State. She plays Lacrosse and soccer and is so well-rounded and level-headed....I think her college experience will be fabulous!

She is big sister to Chase, Sloane and Seaver....and first-born to Seth and Maureen. For those at the wedding, they were all dressed as pirates! We are all going to Gasho for lunch on Sunday and then to Dave & Buster's to play games...that is now our tradition!

Just a side-note...look who was the featured speaker at Spenser's graduation...Jesse L. Martin from Law & Order and Rent! He was started to pour and he just kept talking and joking....made it not so bad!

Anyway...good luck Spenser...we love you and will miss hard!


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