Monday, May 3, 2010

Speed round!

Between the iffy weather and the fact that Terry was going to be working in the yard after golf, I had to quickly get a bunch of fabric done. The pile on the right is what was done yesterday.

I laid more of them out straight to speed up the drying...that worked well.

I also wanted to try and fold a bunch into a small square...I folded them first then laid them in the tray and pressed on them...turned them over and did the same...checked the inside that they were getting saturated...then set them on the table and hoped they dried. But the sun disappeared after a short while. They still came out great.

This is four of the folded pieces...nice! Now...what to do with all this new dyed fabric....hmmm.


Irish Kathi said...

Wow. Coveting!

Nocturnal Quilter said...


EileenKNY said...

Love the colors!! Wish I could share a dyeing day with you sometime.
What are you going to make? Wearable, quilt, bag............?