Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Carol Taylor Class

A few weeks ago I took a fabulous 5-day class from Carol Taylor up in the Hudson Valley (great place to take a class)...and the piece above is my finished wall-hanging.

We learned myriad techniques and made many samples to be incorporated into a piece. Some students did as many as 4 pieces.

We started with a focus fabric and built from there. Carol is a great teacher....intense and fun.

My focus fabric is the piece bottom is one of the drop-cloth fabrics from my Jane Dunnewold class.


Connie Rose said...

The finished piece is wonderful, Marcia, as are the smaller ones -- especially the drop cloth piece!

Mary said...

That is wonderful. I am so looking forward to my classes with Carol. Although they are just some of her basics. I absolutely love what you have done. You've "hooked" me.

Carol Esch said...

now this looks familiar!!!!!!

Did you finish?
I haven't finished mine yet!

What is pattern for little dress? So cute!