Thursday, July 3, 2008

This was Prom weekend in Port Jeff....the parent's pick a theme and decorate the outside of the building, the gym, and the's the 50th year this has been done. I've done it twice...I know how hard it is!
The theme was A Night at the Royal Museum (Port Jeff Royals!)....these two girls were great....posing like statues, then all of a sudden moving in dance and back to a pose. This was during the public showing, four hours before the prom.
This is ALL painted cardboard's the outside of the gym entrance. The whole lobby inside and the gym walls are covered in painted cardboard. It really is quite a feat!

The senior class was small this year...only 85....(usually about 100). But I'm sure they had a great time. I love Port Jeff.
I'm hoping to get to some fabric this weekend and next week before I go away again...phew!

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