Wednesday, June 18, 2008

One more day......

Well...I have to go home tomorrow and leave this little guy for a few weeks...till I'm back again! This has been an amazing experience for me....since I didn't do the childbirth thing I was never really exposed to a newborn for any length of time. IT'S HARD!!!! The lack of sleep for the Mom and Dad is of course offset by this precious little boy coming into their lives...but it's hard on them. Now add three dogs into the mix! They are doing a great job....I'm glad I could be here to help...and spoil, and cuddle and smother with kisses :)

Three hours before my flight leaves, his Grandma and Grandpa Sullivan arrive for another week of spoiling!



Jeanne Marklin said...

Marcia, I think we talked about having grown our families through adoption when we were at the Crow Barn. I felt the same amazement when my daughter in law gave birth. I didn't get to be at the birth - but was there the day she left the hospital, and since she had a caesarian, I was able to help a lot. It is wonderful to watch the baby change a little every day. And see your own child learn about being a parent. My son and DIL were so nervous when I left, but they did very well on their own. Their two dogs helped too! I know you'll want to be back to see them all soon.
Jeanne Marklin

Anonymous said...

I am totally and completely in love with his little chin!!
Being a "Grand" is magical, no other word to describe this time.
I look forward to seeing lots of photos and hearing stories.