Sunday, April 27, 2008

Turq & Lime Bag & The Shower

I'm trying to find the ideal bag (for me and others) and I keep trying different sizes, weights of fabric, color combos etc....I'm real pleased with this one. It's reversible...both fabrics are a heavy-weight cotton canvas that I dyed. I made the bottom larger also.

The brown webbing works well with both colors...and the whole thing can be thrown into the washer and dryer.

Here's my daughter at her shower (Baby Monster Bash actually....she was married on Halloween after all! It was more of a party for Mike and Keri, and men and women were invited) ...this turtle themed quilt was made by the mom of our good friend Gail...along with little hats and cute.

We asked everyone to bring (or send) a favorite book for Logan's library...Keri loves books (she hopes to write and illustrate some of her own someday soon!) and it was fun to see what people's favorites were.

Keri plans to draw and paint some things on the wall...Franklin the Turtle is her theme. The quilt I made for Logan hangs on the crib.



Patty said...

Love the lime and turquoise bag! The color are so rich! Where do you get your canvas? I also dye much of my own fabric and would like to make several totes myself for groceries.

EileenKNY said...

I really like the bag. Geez-you're making all this stuff. Is any of it going to be for sale? HMMM.....
Your color sense is right on the money.

marcia said...

Patty...I get my canvas from P&B or Kaufman. And Eileen...I'm thinking about that...and thank you both.