Monday, April 7, 2008

New Baby Quilt

As I sit upstairs in my sewing room watching TV (dancing, loser, idol, model, survivor etc), I am trying to grab a prepared project and work on it. Since I often cut out clothing patterns, or strip up fabric for quilts, I usually have something that can be done just at the I can watch and listen and work at the same for me!
Last week I started to put together what was supposed to be a queen-sized quilt. When I had this much done (center light-colored piece) I decided I needed some baby girl quilts more than I needed a queen quilt (I can get 5 baby-size from the same pieces) this is the result of that decision. I added the borders and machine-quilted straight lines...that much quilting I will do.

I love these fabrics...I may make a couple little girls jackets from some of this too....stay tuned.

I'm off to Pro Chemical in Mass. on Thursday for a 3-day class on shibori dyeing with acid dyes on silk....teacher is Doshi... ...she's fabulous...I have some of her wearable art as I admire her work tremendously. Of course, I'll take pictures.

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