Friday, November 30, 2007

More Christmas Decorating

I have been looking for a larger cabinet to display Keri's designs that I have acquired over the I went to Crate and Barrel this week to check out one I had seen in their catalog. I loved it, and it will be delivered on Monday. So I had to empty this cabinet out (I put this armoire in my bedroom for my it.) I thought I'd get a picture for you...she started designing for Disney almost 10 years I have a few things :)

These two elves are very special to me....I bought these years ago with my friend Cheryl, at the Hancock Shaker Museum Show in Massachusetts. They are made by June Weaver (Out of Knowwear) from recycled clothing. I also have four santas done by June. Cheryl and I used to fight over who would get these...all in good fun.

The amount of work in these elves is amazing... in person, the face (mostly eyes) on this one reminded me so much of my brother, so I had to have this one.

I made the santa holding the tree about 10 years ago. The santa in the back center I purchased from an art student at Buffalo State College 23 years ago when I worked at a fabulous quilting store there. It was made with Jinny Beyer fabrics, which were a new phenomenon then, and the shop owner challenged this girl to use them...I BEGGED her to be able to buy it.

This four-foot tree is covered with very special ornaments. They were gifts, handmades, travel keepsakes etc. I wrap a sheet around this in January and put it away like that...emptying it every year is not an option :)

And this little tree sits in the kitchen has minis, handmade swedish paper stars and handmade beaded snowflakes.

This is a closer view of the Disney ornament tree...mostly to show the folded paper stars, beaded snowflakes and icicles, and beaded garlands. The garlands are so easy to make (just string beads), and really add a nice touch to any tree.



Mrs. Mel said...

O Marcia! Your decorations make me feel like the Chief Grinch! I have nothing Christmasy in my house yet. Must get crackin'

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