Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Decorating for Christmas

I am 90% done with my decorating....I always do it early (although more and more people seem to decorate early now). It is a labor of love for me. I used to put up about 8 to 10 trees of different sizes...now I'm down to four. I collect trees and santas...nothing outrageous, just enough to make a nice small collection. The first photo is my mantle....featuring a sleigh and reindeer by artist Jim Shore...who incorporates quilt patterns into his carvings.

This is my small grouping of Byer carolers...many were gifts. They sit on my beloved antique family furniture from Kentucky.

I made these ceramic carolers in 1971, when I took a class with my Mom in Buffalo. I just love them, they are very special to me. The white tree was made (in early 70's...by me) from styrofoam trays cut in circles and then cut again...very hard on the hands and hard to explain!

These ornaments were all designed by Disney artists, and many of them are signed. Ever since my daughter became a Disney artist I have collected the ornaments that the group of artists she works with designed. There's about 6 of Keri's on here.

And lastly is my staircase...I really should have cleared off the stairs before I took this...oh well.

All I have left to do is my big tree....should be done tomorrow.

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