Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Amazing Houston...Part 1!

I haven't been to Houston for the big Quilt Show in many years....and it's more amazing than ever! My legs ached and I had 7 bandaids on my feet...but it was worth it....WOW! So many vendors selling so much great stuff...and so many lectures and tutorials and hands-on experiences. I had such a good time....and I ran into some old friends and made some new ones. Below are some of my favorite quilts, some of the winners and a couple pieces from the cloth exhibit curated by Jane Dunnewold.

Love the dyed fabric in this quilt!

This was quite cool....something about Monet's garden.

I LOVED this winner, and I told her so....it was so unique and fresh....the shadows were created with stitching....my favorite of the big winners.

This was one of the artcloth pieces.

Another artcloth piece, done by Jane Dunnewold.

Best of Show by Hollis Chatelaine.

Click on this to see up close.

A quite impressive piece.

Another piece by Hollis...I'm a little partial to this piece...wonder why :)

This was a cool piece...love the fabric.

More tomorrow...


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