Sunday, January 11, 2015

Pillow #3

I have a funny need to make something....then change it a bit and make another....add another process and make another...and on and on until I find something uniquely mine.  I learned so many new processes over the years from myriad teachers....I need to put them into my work.  Time gets in the way and I lose interest fairly easily....but at least I'm making things that can be sold or I endure.

I'm enjoying the pillows....even finding time during my busiest work time of the I started pillow #3 the other day. 

The fabric is a linen from Miss Matatabi on etsy...also wanted to get more but not available.  It is a slightly heavier weight so worked nicely into a pillow.

 I screened some swirls with special foil glue and applied three different colors of foil.

 Silver, gold and bronze. The squares on the fabric provided a great background for the foiling.

Then I lightly quilted some straight lines both horizontal and vertical.

The back was left plain and the zipper installed. the ease of putting in the zipper.

Just received fabric for #4 from Miss Matatabi....couldn't resist...three of my favorite things....turquoise, crosses and metallics. Yum!

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DeCamp Fiber Arts Studio said...

Beautiful fabrics on all the pillows, and nice job, of course!