Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Pillow #2...different.

Since I don't have a lot of yard pieces of fabric I have to use what I have.  This piece of Japanese dobby fabric was from Miss Matatabi on etsy. I went back to get more and it was gone.

I didn't put the binding around the edge...mostly because I just forgot and sewed right sides together! I like it though. Love the turquoise. The front is layered with batting and a muslin and quilted.

I needed to embellish a bit so I sewed on some delica beads to resemble a few snow flakes falling on the trees.  They catch the light without being so large that you would feel them when leaning back on the pillow.

I especially like the way the back zipper is inserted....so easy and so nice looking when finished.

Very happy with this!  Excited to see what #3 will be.

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Nancy Bailey said...

Very nice! Nancy.............