Tuesday, February 15, 2011

COLOR !!!!

I need some serious color after this last couple months....so I grabbed a pile of my most colorful Kaffe and Brandon fabric and just started cutting.....squares and strips

Just having these piles laying on my table lifts my spirits and sets the creative juices flowing.

I decided after pieceing together a couple blocks that the squares were too big in comparison to the strips....so I trimmed the blocks....which has the added benefit of squaring them up beautifully....and left me with the scraps below....they're only about 1/2 inch...but I can't throw them out....yet.

I don't know what size it will be yet....I'll just keep sewing till I either get bored with it, or run out of pieces.


Nancy said...

Oh! Almost wants me to quilt...Love the colors...Nancy

EileenKNY said...

Those colors really sparkle! What's the woven piece going to be?