Friday, January 28, 2011

Tree Play

I needed to find a project that I could pick up easily, make fast, and use up things I already have in my sewing room. I certainly have fabric, batting, thread, crystals, rhinestones, beads, styrofoam, sequins, dowels....and so on.....I have used and collected these things for 40+ years.

And since I love christmas trees I decided to make one...stuffed it....glued it to a "stump" and decorated it. And that led to another and another....each time changing something. Then I found some scraps of already quilted fabric and just had a ball and tried many techniques. Some are sewn and turned....some are just top-stitched (love these the most).

This black one was made from a scrap of pieced fabric that went into a piece that I did in a Carol Taylor workshop...couldn't throw the scraps away and now I'm glad I didn't. The blue tree is made from Elin Noble fabric.

This tree has a cute shisha mirror I got from it!

I'm having a blast with these....I can make one in 15 minutes....nearly instant gratification....perfect for my sometimes short attention span :)

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Sharon M said...

These are totally cool. Their fresh, contemporary look is so different than anything I have seen around. So perfect for that short attention span that I understand fully!