Thursday, April 29, 2010

Dyeing and Stamping!

Today I was determined to do some dyeing. It's still not warm enough to do my outside over-the-rack dyeing, so I chose to do a 12-step gradation with some different colors....mustard, black and boysenberry. I set up my buckets, which have the measurements and directions written on them, since I can never find my directions easily :)

Below are buckets #1, 2 & 3 with the mustard and black mixtures at different strengths of each.

These are boysenberry/black mixes.

After they were washed out.

I don't love the colors on their own...but I have plans for them....stay tuned.

Don't you love stacks of fabric!!!!

Then I switched to stamping. I had this nice piece of silk broadcloth that I had dyed last year. And I knew stamping it would make it even better.

So I chose this rubber stamp that I had carved in a Jane Dunnewold class and I did some sample paint colors to see which would be best...I went with the rust.

I have to turn the stamp each time to get this's fairly easy to do....but I do have to pay attention!

I had made a thermofax screen from the same stamp design, but blown up to a larger size. So I decided to insert a few of these on the piece.

I love the fabric now!!!! I only finished half so far...will complete it tomorrow. Then I need to set the paint by ironing it on the reverse.

The picture below is just to show the difference the stamping makes in the fabric. Now I'm searching through all my fabric to see what else I can stamp!

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