Monday, August 11, 2008

More Summer 2008

Well....this summer included, unfortunately, a couple falls for members of my family. My Mom fell off the stairs on the deck at the cottage and bruised her head...she is recovering nicely...what a scare that was...and 5 days in the hospital. A couple weeks later I get a call from my daughter...she fell with Logan and the dog gate hit his face....airlifted....catscan... stitches ....questions....he's doing great...we were all a mess. I have since learned that everyone I talk to has a story.......

The last couple days of my trip were spent with my friend Marcia at her beautiful studio and home, and a class of seven others where they were making wonderful jackets. This is one of the teacher's (Priscilla Kibbee) samples that I loved.

While watching the Olympics last night I had the urge to make a bag from a favorite old pattern....couldn't find the pattern so I called Nancy who found hers and measured it for me so I could make a pattern on graph paper. This is made from old bark cloth and a new lining.

I also had a chance to dye a couple pieces of silk/linen gauze. I used procion MX dyes and I'm quite happy with the pieces.

This is just eye shirts made by Doshi...she dyes the fabric and it's spectacular.

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