Tuesday, March 11, 2008

New Bag

I made another bag with the 11 oz. canvas that I think is too heavy for the jackets I make....but it's perfect for these totes. I dyed the canvas with Amethyst and screened the pocket piece with black, since I only had black webbing for the straps.
I have purchased some plain natural webbing and I'm going to dye that and see if I can get the intensity of color I want to match some other bag fabric colors that I already have dyed.

Each time I make the bag I find something different I want to do (because it's not right or it can be better), either in the sequence of sewing, or size of pieces, or thread color (matching or contrasting), way to finish seams...and on and on. I'm told that's a Virgo trait :)
Next up is a beautiful turquoise bag with brown webbing. Gotta get the taxes done first...been procrastinating....another Virgo trait?

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