Monday, March 31, 2008

Fabric Play Day

Three of us met at Val's yesterday to begin exploring Kerr Grabowski's Deconstructed Screen Printing techniques. We've all taken a wonderful class from Jane Dunnewold on screen printing at Pro we have a bit of knowledge....but we always want more! Gotta keep our brains learning new things.... The piece above is one of mine (best one I did) done with ripped paper and acetate stencil....I have alot more to learn!

For one thing...the painted screens need alot of time to dry totally...the screen for the piece above (also mine) was used too fast...the dye released too quickly...lesson learned.

This piece I did with ripped paper...didn't like it immediately...but after washing I like it alot.

This piece is Val's....very successful. The colors were rich all the way. It should be great once washed and ironed.

These are two of my painted time I will paint them the night before. We also had an issue with the release paste...mine was on the shelf a couple years or more...didn't thicken up to optimum thickness....lesson learned.

This is another of Val's pieces...we didn't love the darker circles...but she will address them with another process...perhaps foil.

This was a very successful piece of Nancy's. The colors are much richer in person...she was very happy with this one.

We had a fun day, a great lunch (Val served a delicious white wine with yummy ratatouille made by Nancy and fresh fruit for dessert) and we'll meet again to continue the learning.


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Priscilla Kibbee said...

Your orange piece is just wonderful.