Wednesday, October 8, 2014

OOPS I did it again!!!

I should  have read my own posts and I would have seen that I needed to use a different browser...oh well.

 Anyway...I made this bag with a piece of cloth that was used as a dropcloth on my table during one of the classes I had taken in the last few years.  I would do practice stamping and discharge and dyeing on it and usually loved these pieces more than the ones I was working on.  So I made many of them.

And decided it was time to cut one up and make a bag for myself for a trip.  It has an iron-on fleece on each piece...outside and lining....and is then quilted.  So it has nice weight and body.

I also decided to make a small companion piece, and added an iron-on crystal and stud transfer of a pair of sunglasses....inspired by my trip.

I wasn't willing to cut into more special fabric for the inside, so I pulled out some old favorite polka dots in bright colors. 

As a side's amazing (and wonderful) that I now feel an urge to sew more since getting a clean bill of health....been a tough year.  Feeling grateful and blessed.


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