Friday, April 22, 2011

Discharge Paste Step 1

I LOVE Discharge Paste! I buy this from Pro Chem or Dharma Trading. Of all the processes I have learned through Jane Dunnewold, (and there are many!) this is my all-time favorite. Perhaps because it is so easy...such instant gratification!

My hand-dyed fabrics are the perfect base for this. The fabrics I am using today were dyed in a pan with multiple colors at a time.

You want to do this with adequate ventilation...especially if you are susceptible(?) to odors. Read the label and guidelines on Pro Chem or Dharma before using. I've never had a problem.

I applied the paste (as is from the bottle) through a thermofax screen of a ginko leaf.

These were other screens I used. I also used a brush and did some lines on a couple pieces.

Then I cut a ragged circle from a sponge (with a hack saw :) and stamped right on the fabric. Then I dug out the center of the other side of the sponge and made an open circle....

which gave me this shape. I'll let them all dry and iron them this afternoon.

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