Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Items for the auction

These are the items I made and donated for the chinese auction at our beach this Summer. We are making improvements to the playground and shed area of the beach, so we had a fair on Labor Day and raised some funds to help. There were over 100 baskets or items that could be was a big success.

These hotpads are made from a pattern in Quilting Arts easy and I love using these colors.

The bag above is a Lazy Girl was a big hit.

This "market" bag is a beautiful way to carry home the groceries....I'll stick to my Wegman's bags for that use!

This journal cover is strip-pieced with some of my favorite this green. I also donated a large tote bag....don't know why I don't have a was the most popular....I could have sold 10 of them.

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