Friday, March 27, 2009

Sewing Dresses!

When I saw this DKNY pattern in the Vogue pattern catalog I had the immediate reaction of wanting to make it. It's not something I could wear, but I have a lot of young girls in my life so I know someone will love it and wear it. I love a dress with pockets, and the pleats in this are I was driven to sew it!

So off I went to Jo-Ann's to get the pattern, fully intent on using fabric I had at home. But Jo-Ann's now has some really cute fabric and I couldn't resist this print. I knew the pleats would mean an interesting pattern in the way the fabric design fell. When I got to the zipper I realized I had never sewn an invisible zipper on my Bernina 1230...ever! And the plastic foot does not go on the machine. So I researched and wouldn't you know it....I had to order a bernina foot for it. I'm ok with that but wasn't happy about waiting for it to be delivered. Oh well.....I'll finish it next week.

And I have a couple other fabrics that I want to use for the same dress....charmeuse for one!...I'll just vary the sizes. All the Vogue patterns that day were $3.99.....(this one is retail $27.50...ouch) I got a few others too.

My tiny dress form comes in handy sometimes....the dress is a size 6!

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